Modular Combinations for
Open Water

Due to the endless combination possibilities you can create new exciting activities with the modular Sports Park over and over again.

The modular system allows you to rearrange, exchange or expand your products as you wish. Your Wibit combination can be at any time fitted for each and every individual need and budget.

Wibit Sports Park 35
Sports Park 35

With the most popular Wibit products and the innovative High Roller...

Wibit Sports Park 65
Sports Park 65

Many different paths can be taken on this obstacle course...

Wibit Sports Park 95
Sports Park 95

Try out all of Wibit´s product innovations and test your athletic potential...

Wibit Sports Park 145
Sports Park 145

Forget the world around you on this floating paradise!

Wibit DockingStation

An immediate, hands-on learning experience in the water...

Wibit Wibit AquaTrack
Wibit AquaTrack

On your mark, get set...have fun! Think of it as a floating obstacle course. Fits into most...

Wibit Wibit AquaArena
Wibit AquaArena

The right combination for an unlimited number of AquaGames disciplines. High Jump, Long...

Wibit Wibit AquaDuel
Wibit AquaDuel

Take the challenge – hand to hand combat. Win or plunge into the cold water. An...