Modular Combinations for
Commercial Pools

Flexibility through modularity! The Wibit System is as easy as it is brilliant. Whether big, small, round or square pool - the Wibit modules fit into not only every location but also almost every budget!

And the best thing: you not only let your creativity run free, you also save a lot of time! The Wibit Connection System makes set up quick and simple.

Wibit FastTrack

Ready - Set - Splash! Wiggle Bridge and Hurdle are combined in this track...

Wibit Wibit AquaTrack
Wibit AquaTrack

On your mark, get set...have fun! Think of it as a floating obstacle course. Fits into most...

Wibit Wibit AquaArena
Wibit AquaArena

The right combination for an unlimited number of AquaGames disciplines. High Jump, Long...

Wibit Wibit AquaDuel
Wibit AquaDuel

Take the challenge – hand to hand combat. Win or plunge into the cold water. An...