ActionTower XXL

A challenging obstacle block in itself, the ActionTower will test your endurance through climbing, jumping, crawling, hanging and sliding activities. Promotes physical training, building teamwork, and even evaluates problem solving skills.

ActionTower XXL

Specs: Measurements and Dimensions ActionTower XXL

  •  Anchor Bungee - 6.6ft / 2,0m
  •  Straps included
  •  Dimensions (L x W)29,8 x 24,9 x 9,8 ft
    9,1 x 7,6 x 3,0 m
  •  Net Weight
  •  Gross Weight
  •  Min. Water Depth8,2 ft
    2,5 m
  •  Shipping Info
  •  Flap included
  •  Electric Pump
  •  Inflation Time
  •  Hand Pump