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September 10, 2013 | Germany

Wibit takes over the islands

The grand opening of the first Wibit Sports Park in Sicily was on the 14th of July. Since then the Splash Beach Park in Naxos has been a magnet for big and small.

As in Spain the operator of the park is happy to have not only tourists but also many local visitors. The fun that the big and small guests have brings new life to the beach!Safety is the most important aspect to the park operator – that’s why he specifically chose Wibit – he wants the activities he offers to be safe! Before purchasing the park, during the first discussions it was clear that there are specific needs for the location with regards to water depth and anchoring. Thanks to the modularity of the Wibit products and the customer orientated consultation it was no problem to set the park up in a safe place and consider the special requirements of the customer – this made lots of international guests happy to be able to enjoy Italy’s biggest Wibit Sports Park!

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