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August 30, 2013 | Germany

Wibit conquers the market in the Netherlands

On the 1st of June 2013 the Grand Opening of the first Wibit Sports Park in the Netherlands took place in Hellevoetsluis near Rotterdam. The Mayor of the city van Heijningen, who is also director of the royal Dutch swimming association, had the honor. The athletic Mayor wasn’t put off by the freezing water and was the first to jump in and officially open the Sports Park.

The owner and operator of the Sports Park 60+, Erik Hazelzet, installed a modern platform system around the park to enable his visitors to get to park very easily and with dry feet. The platform system also provides a huge advertising space.

With the help of divers and his dynamic team, Eric set up the whole park within 4 days.  In the past weeks the park, which is installed next to a highway, has already been making positive headlines in the national newspapers. The concept is well thought-out: “We not only involved the local economy but also national sponsors like Aviko, Ola, Koopmans and Oliehoorn to be part in this concept. Because of this strategic partnership we’ve already distributed a lot of tickets for the season. The sponsors helped me to make the investment in purchasing the Park,” said Erik. And this strategy pays off:  Erik already has 68 sponsors for his project. “Even now after opening I have had 6 further companies contact me that would like to become official partners. In return they would like to have their company banner on the side of the park.”

In the first weekend, despite the typical Dutch weather, 700 visitors were counted which is pretty impressive. The potential for this year is huge: “I’ve already had schools from places 50 kilometers away wanting to come; bookings keep coming in wanting to have the park for 60 to 300 kids; I have bookings for kids’ birthday parties for 8 to 30 kids – it’s just unbelievable!”

Erik is very motivated, and will put all his energy into his Sports Park - and his team is well prepared!

We will keep our fingers crossed that the weather will be good this summer. And hope that Erik has lots of Sun for even more happy kids, teachers and parents.

Good luck!