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September 3, 2013 | Germany

Wibit on tour in the middle kingdom

Different countries, different customs? Definately … but there is something that unites all people and cultures all over the world: sport! That’s why Wibit’s CEO Robert Cirjak travelled to China, to bring them closer to water sport.


The CIFTIS-Sports Trade Show in Peking has developed into a huge attraction within a very short time: athletes and companies from all over the world met here and also some high-up chineses polititians paid a visit. Not only the Chinese Minister of Sports, Liu Peng, but also the Major of Peking, Wang Anshun, were there peronally.  During the opening cermony Robert Cirjak, as the president of the World AquaGames Association, took the opportunity to tell the people a bit more about water sport and freiendly competition on the water.

Shortly after this, Wibit reached another mile stone on its mission: at the China International Caravan & Camping Expo, also in Peking, the Wibit products were reason for a lot of excitement amongst the camping fans. The Xiedao Wasa Water City was the platform to present  the first “Wibit Challenge Games” in China. While Bie Ke from Kazakhstan was the gleaming winner of the Hurdle race, Lui Guo Liang, from China, left his competitors behind in the race over the Wiggle Bridge winning in only 3,49 seconds – almost as fast as the speed of light!

One thing is clear: the „olympic feeling“ has already reached China. The many different disciplins – all built up around olympic disciplins – not only reached the hearts of the but also those of the international public!