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December 1, 2014 | Germany

Sports Park evolution!

Wibit presents latest Sports Park combinations including their supersized Sports Park 145!

This year, Wibit has launched a number of new products. The Dome, High Roller and Monkey Bars are attractions which have never been seen on the water before. In addition, existing modules like the Hurdle or Wiggle Bridge have been modified to integrate into any Wibit combination. Even a specialized Lifeguard Tower has been created to ease lifeguard duties and increase safety.  

The Sports Parks are now arranged with INFINITY-loops, allowing for endless pathways and preventing bottlenecks on
the floating playgrounds.

To fit individual location parameters, Wibit Sports Parks vary in their dimensions and capacity. Four different standard combinations have been launched to hold from 35 up to 145 people at the same time. Upon request, customized combinations can be prepared to meet individual needs.


Press contact:
Annika Paus
Marketing Manager