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September 13, 2013 | Germany

Wibit meets Camp David

Inspired by the “Wasser ist Bewegung” Event last year at Robinson Club Fueteventura the somewhat crazy idea of building up a Sports Park evolved in the free-diving teacher and staff member at ALL- on- SEA Camp & Resort GmbH, Sven Penszuk’s mind: why not bring a bit of adventure to the water in the middle of Germany? Motoric skills, strength, endurance, co-ordination, agility … all of these skills often get left out in our fast-moving society. The experienced water and outdoor sportsman personally loved the idea of bringing people closer to sports through fun and games on the water.

It didn’t take long to embrace the rest of the involved ALL- on- SEA team with the idea so that the plan was already turned into reality by the summer – the biggest Wibit Sports Park in Germany has been the newest eye catcher since the beginning of June at the Camp David Sport Resort by ALL- on- SEA in the Schladitzer Bay on the outskirts of Leipzig. Instead of the usual Wibit colours this Park is completely customized in their own design – which is just one of the many branding options that Wibit offers its customers.