A strong brand foundation

In 1996 we created this whole industry of playgrounds on the water. Today, Wibit has become a synonym for high quality products and exceptional service in the water sports business.
Building a brand is easily said. To do it successfully though takes quite some effort and depends on many different factors. 


Wibit Team 

As important as teamwork is in sports, so it is for us! A functioning team is the key to good performance and therefore to long-term success. At Wibit, we are more than just colleagues; we are dedicated to the same goal and we love what we do. Our products make it easy for us to get enthusiastic about our jobs and the Wibit spirit is seeded in each and everyone of us right from the start.


Wibit Headquaters

Wibit is constantly evolving, not only on the world map but also in personnel. Lacking office and warehouse space due to our growing business, we moved into our new wibitized headquarters in 2012.

From top to bottom, the whole office is built just like our brand is: open, colourful and friendly - a great environment to work at!


All we do follows
four key operating principles:

  • Reliable business partner
  • Make people happy
  • Innovative thinking
  • Doing it right